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Tokoroa North School

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  1. room17tns Said:

    Kia Ora, Bula, Talofa, Bonjour, and Hello to new and returning families in Room 17.
    2013 a New Year and I thought I’d revisit the world of blog writing. I will be adding blogs, photos and activities throughout the year. And hopefully childrne will be challenged to offer their ideas and thoughts too. Please feel free to comment on our progress. Note all comments come into my email box for moderation so your comment wont show up immediately.
    If any of our Tokoroa North families have any ideas or what they would like to see on the blog feedback is always welcomed.
    Here’s to a great New Year, Anne Horsfall

  2. Gypsy Said:

    Last week at school I enjoyed doing art like the “I am” poems and the place mats and having new people in our class.

    • room17tns Said:

      I agree!! Gypsy I had a great week, The poems and your place mats turned out great.Glad you had a good week big year 6!

  3. Ryley Said:

    Hi Mrs Horsfall my kittens are tearing everything!!

    • room17tns Said:

      Oh my… How many kittens do you have? Maybe they need feeding?

  4. joshua Said:

    lol hi my baby brother took off with my homework >:( so it took me about 1 hour to look for it :O i got it back though :P i can’t wait to do some more art :D

    • joshua: mr_cr3ative Said:

      wait you know what my name is going to be my gaming name like this :P joshua: mr_cr3ative

    • room17tns Said:

      Oh dear, there are spare sheets at school if you need one.

  5. jemma Said:

    This week i enjoyed doing homework and doing our name hands they’re really fun. I cant wait till mines finshed I thinks its going to look so cool.

    • room17tns Said:

      Hi Jemma
      Glad you’ve had a good week so have I. Your name hand is looking good. I hope we can get them finished tomorrow then we can scan some and put them on our blog.

  6. shonelle Said:

    Everyday I have a good day Shonelle

  7. kaelah Said:

    Hi Mrs Horsfall, how are you today? I was just wondering have we got any more art to do on monday? :o)

    • room17tns Said:

      Hi Kaelah, we will be starting some new art on Wednesday. Hope youre feeling better today we missed you:o(

  8. saige Said:

    Hi Mrs Horsfall, how’s your day going?

    • room17tns Said:

      Hi Saige
      Fantastic, I’ve been shopping and now relaxing. What about you? Check out the link at the top of the page “HOMEWORK” Just in case you want to get a head start. We will go through it on Monday though so no panic.

  9. carlos Said:

    Hi Mrs Horsfall how is your night going?

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